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Gathering traces of fertile moments

La Sporée / Sarah Bronsard is a creation company whose mandate is to support Sarah Bronsard’s choreographic endeavours. Like harvesting spores, which consists of gathering the spores of a mushroom to reveal its colour for identification purposes, La Sporée / Sarah Bronsard offers works that seek to reveal invisible, transitory and fertile phenomena by way of the moving body. Much like a mushroom at the fruition of infinite hidden and invisible connections, each creation is an opportunity to reveal what emerges from an encounter. Exploring the fertile tension of the « between » found between beings, between bodies, between traditions and between artistic disciplines, La Sporée / Sarah Bronsard focuses on co-creation and collaboration. 


For Sarah Bronsard, the relationship between dance and movement is rooted in flamenco, an ardent and rigorously codified art form where dance and music are intimately connected. With its constant play between building tension and explosive release, flamenco incites a state of desire in her, an attraction, an intervallic tension that continually renews itself in an erotic rapport with life. Unlike a hardness that would hinder movement, flamenco teaches her to perceive tension as a constant adaptation, alive and moving between contraction and expansion. Beneath the blazing aspect of flamenco lies intimate, quiet and hidden processes which are explored through the projects developed by La Sporée / Sarah Bronsard.

La Sporée / Sarah Bronsard's creations are represented by FÔVE diffusion.

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